Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visitors, Hail, and Life

Oops, life has gotten away from me a little and I haven’t updated… so here I go!!  J

This past week (20-29th) my aunt and uncle and two cousins were here visiting.  They were only intending to stay until the 27th, but their flight was cancelled because of Hurricane Irene in the states, SO we had a few extra days with them!  We tried to travel all over with them, just so they could see different parts of the country.  One day we moved stuff from one clinic to the other at Casa Bernabe.  Another day we did “tourist” stuff in the city, shopping and all.  We did deliveries, Operation Rescue, cable cars, hiking through a coffee plantation, and quite a few other things!  It was fun to be able to show them around our home country and introduce them to what has become our life! 


Guatemala City from above

The kids loved having older boys (cousins) to play with!

Hiking at the plantation

Horray for cousins!


Down in Zone 1

View from the cable cars

Then, Sunday afternoon we had a big thunderstorm with LOTS of rain and actually some hail!!  It was enough hail that I went out and “played” in it, which hasn’t happened since we’ve been here!  J  We also lost power for about 9 hours and then we didn’t get water back for another several hours after that!  Our family got a real taste of Guate, that’s for sure!! 
Everything was candle lit!


So now we get back to “normal” life, if that is even possible.  We’re keeping busy with deliveries and whatever else might pop up.  I have two college courses that I’m working on (gotta love internet!) and Abby and Risa are plugging away at school.  It’s hard to believe it’s already the last day of August, didn’t 2011 just start?!? 

Anyways, that’s a quick update on my/our life around here lately.  We’re looking forward to having things be a bit quieter and more relaxed, but I’m pretty sure it won’t stay that way for too long!  ;)  

Oh, and I got my diploma, so I had to "make" a cap and gown... and we tried on a few more!  =)
Aww, sisters

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