Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life without a Microwave...

So, our microwave died a few days ago… it has been a very weird thing not having a microwave in the house.  It’s amazing how often we look over there in the kitchen and expect to see the clock that’s on that thing, or how we just want to heat something up quick and we can’t!  I wonder how many other things are like that in our kitchen/house (not saying I really want to find out…)!!  But hey, we’re making due without it, just finding innovative ways to use our stove instead!  J

In other news, life keeps plugging away here in Guate.  Our latest “thing” lately has been taking the new couple that is here with ORI around to all the orphanages to get them oriented (or disoriented…).  They will be taking my dad’s role in doing deliveries, so it’s pretty important that they know where all the homes are and how to get to them best.  I have been riding along on most of the runs and deliveries, just to get out of the house and because I really do love “showing off” this country that I love!  The past two days I have actually been taking them out alone so that my dad can take care of some other stuff, it’s been fun! 

We have been going down to Operation Rescue on Wednesday mornings, pretty much every week.  It feels like there are certain kids that just want more hugs and attention lately, and hey, I’m not complaining!!  I love being in there and all of a sudden having one or two of the girls come running over, for no other reason than to say hi and give me a hug!  It’s really amazing how so many of these kids, who have so little to give or be happy about, are still some of the most content and amazing kids around!
Yay, watermelon!!!



Work teams have started up again, which always adds a little more life to the party around here.  Our fist team worked at a nearby home, doing quite a few different things.  Some people were painting, others were working in the garden, and even others were re-laying parts of the driveway at the entrance of the home.  Our second team is actually here right now and they are working at a different home replacing the roofing on as many of the houses as they can!  I love how receptive and happy the directors of the homes always are about having these jobs done, whether big or small!
Risa baked 250+ cupcakes for the one team (and the orphanage),  they went over very well!!

Max (our miniature schnauzer) is continuing to adjust quite well to the family.  He and Oso get along like brothers and I must say, Oso has the patience of Job!  Max never leaves Oso alone, but Oso seems ok with it, so I guess we’ll let playing dogs go!  J 
See?  Brothers!

Oso's not so sure about Max on the bed...

We have continued to visit other homes and just play with the kids every now and then, but with the way our schedules have been, it hasn’t been near as much!  We love walking into the homes and hearing the kids call our names and come running though, it never gets old! 
How can you not love that face??


My buddy Chino!

Yay for plaid!

Please continue to pray for our family as we look ahead at our transition out of ORI and into Casa Bernabe, it’s going to mean a lot of changes for all of us!  Also pray for ORI as they continue to make different changes and adjustments as well, lots of growing happening all over! 

I think the covers the main points of life right now… then again, I’m not sure that’s ever possible here in Guate!!  Oh, and I think we’re going to buy a new microwave, hopefully sooner rather than later too!  J  

And just a few more random pictures...
At CENMA (central market)

Chilis anyone?

That's quite a load!

Birthday b-fast I made for Risa...  :)