Monday, November 21, 2011


Oops, I’ve been really bad at updating this lately… so, here’s what’s been happening lately!

-We set up our Christmas tree!!!  Since we’re going to be in the states over Christmas this year, we decided to go ahead and get it set up a little (ok, really) early.  It’s fun to walk downstairs and see the tree twinkling in the corner though!!  =)
The finished tree

Setup time!!

-We still hang out with some amazing kids when we have the opportunity to!  Whether that means at OR, on deliveries, or just some play time at a home, we get to be with amazing kids!! 
Shirt says it all!


-Guatemala is getting set up for Christmas, huge Gallo tree and all!  We haven’t driven down into the city at night recently, but it’ll be fun to see how it looks all lit up.  Christmas in Guate is so much fun, sad to miss it this year, but at least we get all the pre-Christmas fun!! 

Gallo tree!!  It's completely done now...

-My dad is still seeing kids at the one nearby home that we will be working with as of March.  I’ve been going along to just get a little experience and (of course) hang out with the little ones.  You can really learn a lot from observation!
Tiny patient

-The presidential election is finally over!!!!!  We were getting a little fed up with all the advertisements and “pep rallies” that were going on.  The new president takes office in January.  Please pray for Guate as they get ready for this change, praying for the best!!
Pep rally...  this party won the election

Lots of spray paint going around!

-Deliveries are pretty much done for the month, actually, for the year!  This month we decided to do double deliveries so that others wouldn’t have to worry about them while we’re gone.  Let’s just say that there is quite a bit of food going out!!!!!  Oh, and we got a flat tire on the box truck during one of the runs, always adds for a bit of an adventure…
One blown tire + 1.5hr wait = delayed day!

-We’ve had two Thanksgiving meals so far; one with church and another with friends from church.  The church had about 180 people attend, it was fun!!  Our family helped out this year.  Abby took pictures of the families, the rest of us helped with serving, preparing stuff, and whatever else came up.  Our other T-giving meal was just a fun, smaller-group meal, which is always nice!  We have one more meal on Thanksgiving Day with our ORI family this time… I think we’re all going to be tired of turkey by the time this week is over!!!!! 
Thanksgiving family pic


-Oh, Abby, Risa and I took a walk and picked flowers, just in case anyone wanted to know that.  J
Flowers!!  :)

-On Saturday I also had the opportunity to take some pictures of the newborn of one of our coworkers.  It was my first time really trying to get good pictures of a newborn (she was 10 days old), and it was a fun learning experience!  Hopefully I’ll get a little more practice in the future.  Anytime something happens involving a newborn and a camera, I’m usually a pretty happy camper!!!  =)
Improvising with the setting...  hey, it worked!

Of course, a little snuggle time :)

Finished product

So, that’s pretty much what’s been going on around here recently.  A week from tomorrow we fly to the US for a month, so lots of cleaning and packing will be happening this coming week.  Quite a few mixed emotions about this trip flying around!  We’re all excited to see everyone again and go to the places that we’ve missed, but it’s going to be a little crazy schedule wise…  Yeah well, I’m sure we’ll have fun!  Otherwise life is pretty “normal” around here, which is guess is a good thing every now and then!!  J