Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know a lot of people have been asking about my trip to Texas, and, instead of writing it out a bunch of different times, I figured I’d just explain it once and for all!!  But, the one problem is that describing the whole trip would take too long, so I’ll just give the highlights!  =)  These are in no specific order!

-John and Alisha’s wedding--- This was the main reason I went to Texas, to surprise Alisha at her wedding.  I am glad to say that I did succeed!!  At the reception, J and A were going around greeting people and, at the time, she still didn’t know I was there.  There was kind of a lull in the greeting, so I went over and (as nonchalantly as possible) said hi to Alisha.  She turned around and started the “Hi, I’m so glad you came!” routine and then she realized who she was talking to… she stopped, screamed and started jumping around, it was awesome!!!  The entire place went dead silent when she screamed; I think it caught everyone (myself included!) off guard!!! 

With the Forbi!!  

-Traveling alone--- Being that this was my first time really traveling alone; it made things a little bit of an adventure.  Overall travel went well though, met some interesting people and really got to know the areas of the airports I was in!!  ;)  Having a window seat every time didn’t hurt it at all! 

My plane from Guate-FL
Sunrise coming back to Guate

-Hanging out with Scott and Carrie--- We met Scott and Carrie here in Guate, they were staying at a nearby orphanage and we got to know them there!!  It was fun to just be with them and see the different places they talk about. 

-The Lake House--- We went to S and C’s lake house for a few days… it was tons of fun!!  We went out on the boat some, swam, went tubing and jet skiing.  I fell in love with the jet ski and was often out there first thing in the morning!!  =)

We didn't take him for a ride...

Jet ski wave jumping...  so fun!!

View from the house
Addicted!!  =)

-Six Flags--- We went to Six Flags one day and, even though it was REALLY hot, it was (once again) lots of fun!!  Since it was a week day and it was so hot, there were barely any lines and we were able ride pretty much all the roller coasters!  It had been a while since I was on a good roller coaster, so I got my fill for a while!!

Yup, we rode all those roller coasters!!
= )

-Reuniting, even if only for a few hours--- At Alisha’s wedding I also got to meet up with a few other friends/”family”.  It has only been a month since I’ve seen Susan and Hannah, but it was SO good to see them again!!  I also got to see a few other friends that I had met here in Guate, funny who you see at weddings!  ;)

With Alisha (bride and "sister") and Lydia (friend)
Got to catch up with Susan ("sister") a little, love her!!
Love my "sisters"!!  =)

-Jack, the devil dog--- Scott and Carrie have a Lab puppy, Jack.  He’s a mess and a brat, but he was a good substitute while I wasn’t around Oso!! 

How could you not love that face?
On the way to the lake
Diving after ice cubes...  :)

-Seeing Texas--- I’ve gotten to meet quite a few people from Texas since moving to Guate, so it was fun to see the state that I’ve heard so much about!!! 

Beautiful sunset!
So flat and dry!!!
Those are all beer cans...  can't say I've seen that before!!  

Ok, I think that about sums up my trip…  I really had a great time with lots of fun new experiences, but at the end, it was also good to get home!  =)
My greeting at one home...  baby in hand and kids hanging on!!

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  1. Look and sounds like you had a GREAT time, oh and by the way, you looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding!!