Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Team of 2011!!

Wow, our 2011 work team season is over!!  Didn’t it just start?!  Anyways, this past week we had a team here from Salem Heller’s church in PA, it was a fun group!  We were once again out working on the wall, but also helping with a lot of childcare.  The staff at the orphanage had a retreat, so those from our team and a team that came directly through the orphanage provided the childcare!
Lunch with the babies!

The wall… what can I say?  It’s still a lot of work, even more now that we have to go DOWN from the side of the road!  Along the road (right after the guardrail) there is a slanted (45-50 degree slant) section that is covered with cement.  SO, we had to tie someone onto the guardrail and lower buckets of cement and blocks down by a rope.  I got to be the person hanging on the rope at times, it was a fun challenge!!  The group got quite a bit of work done, which is excellent!!
Lowering block...

Doesn't look like much, but it works!


The whole setup!

In addition to work and childcare, Saturday was a chicken BBQ for all the kids at the home.  We had something like 300lbs of chicken, and everyone had plenty to eat!  There were also different activities going on with the kids, so everyone had something to do.  On Sunday then, we had church in the morning and then went to yet another home in the afternoon to hang out and play with the kids. 
Buddy BBQing

She kept yelling "Hola pollo!"

Gotta love making visors!!

Sunday activities!

= )

So yes, thus ends our 2011 work team season.  It has been a lot of fun getting to know people from all over North America (Canada included!) and to reconnect with returning members!  It’s a little sad to think that we will not have another complete season of work teams with ORI, but it’s also exciting to see what opportunities God is providing for us in this coming year!  
Risa and her Pina!!

We lost electric...  

Rainy season= Hummer season!

What?!  Last team?!

Risa missed the memo...  =)

There we go!

2 services at Casa de Libertad, starting September!!

Just goofing off...

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