Sunday, August 7, 2011


Visitation day… a day at pretty much any given orphanage that some children are THRILLED to be able to see their families, other children are scared to see their families, and yet even other children are heartbroken because they have no families.  It is heartbreaking to be at an orphanage during visitation day, to see some kids so happy to see their families and then crying as they leave.  To see some children just hanging back, wondering if their families will even bother to come this time, or those getting all dressed up and ready only to be disappointed with nobody visiting.  To see other children not doing a thing different because they know they have no family to look forward to. 

SO, these past few months, our family has been trying to take a few children from a nearby home and do something special with them on visitation day.  We try to take the kids that don’t have anybody coming to visit, that way they can feel like they have a family, even if it’s only for a day!  Yesterday we picked up five kids (that the orphanage directors had chosen), ranging from 6-9 years old, brought them to our house and decorated cookies with them.  It was quite a hit and I think all the kids had a great time!!  But, come to find out, 5 kids decorating two batches of sugar cookies doesn’t even take an hour…  hmm!!  So we improvised!
Such concentration...

Oso's not sure what to think about all this!!

The whole clan

Our darling icer  =)

After the decorating was done, we walked the kids down to a small park in our neighborhood.  They played for a while and then mama came down with a plate of cookies.  Since each person had already eaten a cookie, they seemed to know that the cookies weren’t for them, but who?  Mama did a little bible story with them about how God gave us the gift of Jesus and how we are to give gifts to others.  Once the lesson was done, our whole crew walked up to the guard house and the kids presented the guards with this plate of cookies!  I’m not sure who was smiling bigger; us, the kids, or the guards!!  =) 
Lots of playing!!

Strike a pose!  ;)

The trek to the guard house

So excited to carry the cookies!!

The face says it all!

We spent the rest of our time eating lunch, playing with Oso, and getting ice cream.  At lunch, one of the girls thanked God for this “marvelous day” that He had given them, and then proceeded to attack her mac and cheese!  While out with Oso, another girl was talking about her dogs that she had at home and how they wouldn’t bite her because they knew her.  It was interesting (and saddening) listening to them talk about their lives, both now and from before. 
Oso went a little nuts...  but he did well with the kids!!


Nobody was quite sure what to think!

Mmm, ice cream!

Eventually we got everyone back to the orphanage, along with a HUGE box of cookies to share with everyone!  Many of the kids came and said thank you and then ran off to tell others about their adventures.  Others in the home that had gone with us before were asking when they could go again… I guess we’ll have to see!!  =) 

Looking back at the day, it’s easy to find myself thinking, “we only have them for a few hours this one time, what impact could that possibly make?!  Not to mention they ‘re starting to drive me crazy!!”  But then again, who knows what a little loving and a few cookies could do?  Maybe it will make more of an impact than I might think!  And, hey, these smiles and sticky handed hugs make it 100% worth it!!  =)  

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