Monday, October 4, 2010

I could complain, BUT...

I recently realized how often I complain, maybe not outright complaining, but just saying something in passing.  But then I thought about how little I really have to complain about!  For example...

   -I could complain about it being so stinkin' cold, BUT, at least I have sweatshirts to pile on and extra blankets to curl up in.
   -I could complain about cold showers, BUT, at least I can take a shower and usually have a dry towel to dry off with.
   -I could complain about the long periods of time that we're always in the car, BUT, I'm fortunate to be able to sit in a car and not have to walk for miles on end to get somewhere.
   -I could complain about how expensive so many things are, BUT, then I realize that I don't really NEED anything else.  I have everything I need, plus quite a bit, and I do have a little (not much!) extra money on hand to buy something if I feel it is absolutely necessary.
   -I could complain about how hard math or science is, BUT, at least I have the privilege of doing school and being able to move ahead in life.
   -I could complain about not seeing enough miracles in daily life, BUT, then I look around.  I can look at the baby I am snuggling with and see the tiny miracle of life.  I can pick on my sisters and realize the miracle and blessing of family.  I can go to an orphanage and realize the miracle of second chances at life.  All of a sudden, there are so many more miracles around me that I had at first thought of!
Miracle of new life

Miracle of Family
Life is full of things to be thankful for and miracles to look out for, sometimes you just have to put aside complaining a little while to see them!!


  1. You are so wise!! I complain about many of the same things...but I won't anymore...I promise. :) Great post!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I love you!! and I realize that God is going to do big things through you!! Mama

  3. We all need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for the example, Maredith...very proud of you! Shirley