Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbyes, Hellos, and Life

Goodbyes-  So today we said goodbye to the "Smith" (or Weaver) family.  It'll be odd not having them around anymore, parts of our family always seemed to be doing something with parts of their family!  Anyways, we had a final goodbye dinner for them last night, lots of steak and shrimp to go around.  Later we finished off our left over fireworks, at least they left with a bang!!  I know we'll all miss their family, but at least there's Facebook to stay up to date with! 

Hellos-  This morning we went to a school/feeding center, Operation Rescue, to help serve breakfast.  Usually we get there in time to meet about 90 of the kids that come off of the bus, but our driver (my father...) missed the turn, oops!  Many of these kids come from the dump and the streets of Guatemala City and their stories are extremely heartbreaking!  For some of these children, the breakfast that they get at OR may be the only food they get for the day.  This is our third time going and some of the kids are starting to recognize and greet us now, which is a lot of fun!!  I always look forward to helping out there, even if it means being on the road by 5:45!!!

Everyone is thrilled about pancakes!!
Life-  Our container arrived on Sunday morning, we were there around 6 to unload it and by 7:30, everyone was back home and getting showered!  We have done one delivery of boxes, etc., from this container to several places already, and I think we will try to deliver some more out here soon.  ORI's Guatemala warehouse is quite full right now and I know there will be homes that are happy for some "stuff"!!  It's been quite cold and rainy recently so we've had a fire going just about every day.  Otherwise life is pretty normal, if there is such a thing here in Guate!!  = )


  1. Mare :) nice blog! blogging is really fun and it is awesome to see who all reads what ya wrote! sounds like things are going well in your corner of the world! love and miss ya! Jess

  2. Hey Maredith,
    I will follow your musings.
    Dennis McCutcheon