Thursday, March 24, 2011


It’s crazy to think that, after waiting for months for this to come; my grandparents visit is already over!  We really had a lot of fun with them, doing deliveries, showing them our home and just being able to relax a little bit. 

The one main thing that we did while they were here was that we went to Lake Atitlan (Panajachel) for 2 nights, 3 days, mostly just to get away.  The past couple of times that they were here, we have stuck pretty close to home, doing what we would normally do.  They actually requested that we go out there and let me tell you, there weren’t any complaints from our end of the deal!  We did lots of walking the main street, a little shopping and then the “touristy” stuff.  My dad, Abby, Risa and I went zip lining, which is ALWAYS fun!  =)  And not to mention the view, I mean, it’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!!  We had awesome weather the whole time, which made it even better!
View from where we were staying.

Jumping fun!

Aww, sisters!

Group that traveled to Pana together

Me gusta tu sombrero!

Beautiful view from this tree!

The sky is on fire!!

Zip Lining.  Flat Stanley got in on the fun!  =)

Let’s see, what else did we do with them here… we did a day of deliveries, two mornings at Operation Rescue, played games, did puzzles, and overall relaxed!  Sometimes it’s nicer for those visiting to just see what we “normally” do and not run all over Guatemala to see the country.  Don’t get me wrong, we love traveling, but when people are visiting, it’s kind of nice not to be sitting in the car the whole trip!  =) 

We have a slower schedule now for a few weeks, which will be nice.  March has flown by so far, between teams and visitors, there was always something going on!!  I’m sure we’ll have plenty to keep us busy though! 

If you think about our family in the next few days/weeks, pray for us please.  We have quite a few decisions that need to be made and it’s just a lot!  It is so huge for us to know that God is in control of everything, from the tiniest decision to the largest, but it still is a lot to have on our plates!  Thanks!  =)

Our God is an Awesome God


  1. Maredith. Your photos are wonderful. I promise to continue to hold you and your family up to our Father in prayer! Keep us posted re college, adoption, term with ORI decisions. No doubt there are many many more decisions to be made

    We wanna go zip lining on our next trip to see you!

  2. I haven't gone zip lining yet... I can't wait! Great pictures!

  3. Thanks for the summary, Maredith. We certainly did enjoy our time with you. Love you all, and yes, we're praying with you. Grandma