Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There has been quite a bit happening this past week.  We had a work team from Petra Christian Fellowship in PA that worked at an orphanage across the city.  I went with them to work every day, it really was a lot of fun!!  They sewed a whole bunch of new mattresses for the orphanage, as well as played with the kids a lot.  I must admit, I didn't do too much work, I mostly snuggled the babies and played with the toddlers, it was quite fun!! 

Monday evening we had all the "gringas" from our community over for supper, along with their family members that are visiting.  These three are pretty much family to us, so it was fun to be able to meet their family as well.  We had supper and then set off fireworks, surprise surprise, right?  =)

Oh, and yesterday evening my grandparents (dad's parents) arrived for a 10 day stay.  We're looking forward to showing them around Guatemala (again)!  Tomorrow we're heading to Panajachel for 3 days, just to be tourists and hopefully go zip-lining.  It should be fun!!!

Instead of trying to explain the rest of the week, I'll just let the pictures explain for themselves...


Risa was grilling the burgers...

Scary thought!

Eddie was trying to "arm wrestle" me..,  didn't work!!

= )



A little snuggle time, just what the doctor ordered!

Tonito and Fernanda, love them!


Me and "my" girl


Amanda, look at those eyes!!

Team playing with the kiddos

Wendy, 1 week old, right from the hospital

Abby and her bud, Hannah


Our awesome team!!

Playing with Mischele
So, that about describes my past week...  it has been an interesting one and a fun one, and I'm hoping this one (that has already started) is just as fun!!!  =) 


  1. nice pics mare!!! that name!
    many blessings to you.

  2. Love these photos! Which orphanage were you working with?