Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puppies, Muffins, and Choco Pops, Oh My!!!

Oops, guess I haven’t updated in a little while, it’s been pretty nuts around here!!  Anyways, on Monday the 21st (February), another work team came.  We worked the same place we had with the last team.  The main jobs were painting the main house and pouring the ceiling/roof of a new kitchen area.  There was a lot of work to get done, but it all got done, plus quite a bit!!  At this orphanage, they also had two litters of lab puppies, they were all SO cute!!  So, in my free time, it was quite likely that I could be found with the puppies or the little ones.  We had a lot of fun with this team!!
Pouring the roof


Lots of work!

Painting to be done!

And the puppies...

I really liked this little guy!

= )

Also, PriceSmart, our local Costcos, has started donating their day-old sweets to ORI to hand out to different orphanages and feeding centers.  One day we got 100+ donuts, other days we have gotten around 50, 6-packs of muffins.  Many of the things are still really good; they just can’t be sold anymore!  It’s crazy to think that all this food had been thrown away, but the homes absolutely love it!

Yeah, cake!

100+ donuts!

They were quite excited!!!

 Another big donation that ORI has gotten lately is four, 550lb boxes of peanut butter- choco pops.  Let me tell you, that’s A LOT of choco pops!!   So, whenever we are doing deliveries, we have been making up 15lb bags of this cereal and handing it out to the different homes.  Once again, they really seem to like the cereal, although I do pity the caregivers at times!  =)
4 boxes like this!!

Yum, tasty!

We are still going out to Operation Rescue about once a week.  The kids are really getting to know all of us now and they come running when we enter the door.  I don’t necessarily enjoy dragging my butt out of bed before 6, but boy, once I see those kids, the early morning isn’t such a big deal anymore!  The other day we started arm wrestling with some of the kids, ok, the 5 year old boys… those kids are actually really strong!!  It was fun to mess around a little bit though! 
= )


He's pretty strong!
My aunt (mom’s oldest sister) arrived on Thursday evening; she’ll be here until Tuesday morning.  It’s fun to have family around and show them the country that we call home!  We’ve just kind of been doing the “normal” life with her, sometimes that’s easier!!  New work team comes on Monday.  They’re staying pretty close to the house, which means our mornings won’t be quite so early, YAHOO!!!  =)  They’ll be working on the other side of the city, but it should be fun!!  Otherwise, I think like is pretty “normal”, if there is such a thing in Guatemala.  =)

Here are a few more pictures from the past little while, just for fun!!
Stuck in traffic...

Crazy Angel!

He's a mess!!
Crazy Dog!!

LOVE this view!!

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