Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Guate...

So today we (my dad and I) went to get my DPI paperwork filled out and hopefully get the process started.  The DPI is Guatemala’s tax identification card (or something), and every resident is supposed to have one.  Since we have permanent residency, and I am now over 18 years old, I’m supposed to have one too, thus the reason we are starting the papers! 

We drove into Fraijanes and we were expecting a large-ish building that is marked, but, it’s Guatemala.  We drove around a little and called a friend.  Come to find out the Renap building is a tiny little place off some back street.  Oh Guate…  Well, we got there, went to the desk and were told that we need copies of certain papers (which was not surprising) and to pay a fee, and then we could come back and get the entire process started.  Of course, you can’t have a bank right next to the building, nor can you have a copier available, so we drove (only because it started pouring) to the “Muni”(Municipal) building, paid our fee, got the needed copies and drove back to Renap.  Then the fun began!

At the first desk, the lady checked over all my paperwork and made sure everything was there.  She gave her “approval” and sent me over to the next desk.  The next lady looked at my paperwork, began working and then stopped.  Apparently, trying to give an “extranjero” (outsiders) DPI to an American citizen born in Tanzania is really difficult.  She couldn’t figure out why, if I was born in Tanzania, I was an American citizen, shouldn’t I be Tanzanian??  Anyways, she tried filling out my paperwork one way and decided that it wouldn’t work like that.  She went over and talked to some others and came back and tried another way.  Eventually the “jefe” (boss) walked in and she asked him, he seemed to have no doubts that I could get a DPI as an American, so he told her how to go about doing the papers and we finished everything up!  As we were getting ready to leave, the lady who was helping me said that my DPI may take longer than others because I was born outside the US and am an American citizen, and I should probably check to make sure I don’t get a DPI as a Tanzanian.  Oh Guate…  So, I guess we’ll see what actually happens!!  You learn very quickly to just take life as it comes and blame a lot of things on "just being Guatemala"!!  

Oh, and to make things a little more interesting, when we were getting our residencies (2yrs ago) they actually had to add Tanzania into the database as a birth country.  I’m the first American citizen (the first person for that matter!) that was born in Tanzania to ever become a Guatemalan resident!!  Woohoo!!  I have always liked to make things confusing!  ; )

In other news, life is great!  This week I’ll be helping to translate for at physical therapy team that is here with our church, it’ll be fun!  Next week a team comes and we dive headfirst into the summer team season.  Also, we saw Shyanne today.  My dad and I were at the clinic (which is at the same home she is now living) and she came running over to say hi.  She pretty much said “hi”, answered a few questions (you being good?, etc.), and then ran off with her friend!  It’s kind of odd to see her anywhere other than our home, but I’m glad she’s adjusting and doing well.  On another note, I am officially graduated and the rainy season has begun, in case you’re wondering!   =)

And a few pictures, just because. 

How could you not love that face??


= )

My buddy Chino and I.


"Whachu lookin at?"  

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