Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 So Far

I realized the other day that I haven't really posted anything here in 2011 so far, so, since we have a quiet day, I figured I might as well go ahead and do so now!!  There really hasn't been too much exciting happening so far, lots of "normal" life here in Guate, if that's even possible.  So, I'll go ahead and explain 2011 (at least, the first two weeks of it), the same way I did 2010, in pictures!!

We started 2011 off with a bang, quite literally!  We set off (and watched) lots and lots of fireworks, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to have any kind of celebration without fireworks anymore!!!!


Then, on new years day, our family (along with some "adopted" family!) went out to an orphanage that has lots of little kids.  Over Christmas and New Years, many of the workers want to be home with their families, so we figured we may be able to help out!  It was so much fun to snuggle the little babies, play with the toddlers and run around with the older kids!

Hannah (one "adopted" sister) and her little buddy

Risa having her makeup done, right before "surgery"

This little guy was 2 weeks old, found abandoned in the dump at a few hours old.

Susan (another "adopted" sister) and Karolin


Abby had her hair done by one of the older girls.

I want hair like that!

Me and 3 week old Antonio

Since then, we have been out to Fundaninos several times...

Abby and Carlitos

They act shy, but don't let looks deceive you!!



Just chillin'.

Angel, right after he bit me...

We (my dad and I) explored Zone 1 with Susan and her sister while doing some deliveries.  We also went to CENMA (Central Market).  It was a fun day!!

Flag by the national palace

Pinatas in Zone 1

Lots and lots of onions at CENMA!

Of course, we played with more kids and saw some different (and slightly odd) sights...

They are taking the Gallo tree down!!

Angel, abandoned at a few hours old, adorable little guy though!


= )

That's one way to catch a ride!!
Oh, and Risa decided to dye part of her hair red...

Also, over the past (just about) 2 weeks, our family has been doing a modified version of the Daniel Fast.  Those that want to in our church are encouraged to do so right now, I think it ends the 24th.  We have cut out all meats, sweets, and really cut back on the chips, milk, and other foods.  Let's just say we have been eating TONS of fruit and veggies, but so far, it has been a very good experience!!

Our fruit pile that didn't even last a week!

Mangoes are back in season!!!

I started an online college writing course this past week, it'll be an interesting experience!  I did a course last semester as well, but I think this one will be quite a bit more challenging!!  I think it'll be fun as well though!  Oh, and I dissected a sheep's heart and learned my blood type, just in case anyone is interested...

Have a heart!

On one final note, my "boyfriend", Mateo, turned one year old yesterday.  I have had the privilege of babysitting, snuggling and playing with him since he was about a week old and he has become a very special little guy to me!  So, happy first birthday Mateo!!!

He was a bit tired in this picture...

I think that about summarizes the first two weeks of this year.  Our first work team comes on Monday, so we will be getting back into that schedule, but I always love that time of year!!  We are pretty much taking life as it comes, playing lots of games (Hand and Foot in specific), trying to stay warm right now (40s and 50s, inside AND outside in the mornings and evenings!), and overall striving to glorify God in all things that we do!! 

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