Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

Wow.  2010 is gone, 2011 has begun.  I once again have to train myself to write 2011 on papers instead of 2010, didn't I just do that?!  Anyways, I was looking through my pictures (and pictures of me on Facebook), and I thought they gave a pretty good overview of the last year.  These aren't in any specific order, but I'll try to give a quick description of what's going on in the picture!! 

I drove the forklift, LOTS!!

Yes, I actually worked!!

I helped to deliver lots of Choco Pops, and gave rides!

As hard to believe as it is, I really did work!!!

I helped with deliveries, lots and lots of deliveries!!

I experienced the fun of several Rojos soccer games!

I ate squid.

I played soccer on a "field" of volcanic sand.

I snuggled babies!

I got to know my sisters better, and snuggled more babies.

I played with puppies.

I held a 3.5lb preemie!

I took just about 7,000 pictures.

I visited family.

I met new friends and gained older sisters!

I played with more kids!

I rode on the back of the truck, with quite a few others!

I got my license!!

I had my heart broken by the stories of so many children.

I said goodbye, many many times.

I said hello to a miracle.

I learned the HUGE gift of family!

I had Root Beer!!!

I met girls younger than me that had already experience more then I ever will.

I made more friends.

I saw God's amazing beauty.

I ate carnitas!

I blew things up.

I enjoyed fellowship.

I got a much bigger family.

I "played" football.

I was cold, but not near as cold as many.

I watched others work.

I held a humming bird (even though Abby's holding this one!).

I realized I'm not the only odd one in the family!  =)

I drove Thelma.

I shared secrets.

I met (and fell in love with!) another long awaited miracle.

I went to the beach.
I acted like a complete nut with those I love. 
God has given me an amazing 2010.  I have learned a TON of new things, met lots of new people, built new relationships, seen the hand of God, and had a lot of fun.  With a new year comes many new uncertainties, but it also brings new opportunities and new challenges to trust God and follow where he is leading.  And, if 2011 is anything like 2010 was, I am ready for it!!  Have a very happy new year!!!

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