Friday, December 17, 2010

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words, Right?

I realized that I haven't updated my blog in a little while, but I couldn't really think of anything too interesting that's been going on around here, so I thought I'd do a "Week+ in review" in pictures!  So, here it goes!!

Cute kids (only a few of many!):
2 week old Diego, had been left in the hospital by his mother.

Trouble and Double Trouble!

7 year old Noe
Devils (Burn the Devil Day, December 7th):
The pile of Devils about to be burnt!

LOTS of devils for sale!!

Alejandro and I by the devil burning fire

Fireworks from the devils...

Kids celebrating with more fireworks!!

Abby and I with Santa at the Burn the Devil celebration.

Lassie, found in the streets by some kids from an orphanage.

Oso discovering that he really likes & Cafe!

Painting, scraping, and cleaning at Operation Rescue.

Box Truck before takeoff!!

Lots and Lots of food!!!!

New Audi R8 at the dealership... 

Volcan de Agua
And, last, but certainly not least, family:

L-R Clockwise:  Denny (dad), Abby (16), Me (17 almost 18!), Barb (mom), Oso, Risa (13), and Shyanne (6)

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