Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time in Guate

It's hard to believe that the Christmas season has already arrived again, but hey, I'm not complaining!  Christmas time in Guatemala does feel a little different than in the states.  We obviously don't get the snow that we so often associate with Christmas, and it doesn't get quite as cold, but that's really where the differences end!  Allow me to show you...

First off, we do still light fires in our fireplace to stay warm.  Guate is the "Land of eternal spring," but it still gets a little cool in the springtime!!!

We still set up our Christmas tree and decorate the house with manger scenes, poinsettias, and snowmen. 

We still decorate and bake (and eat!) lots of gingerbread cookies!  Sometimes we eat them all or give them away, or we decorate them ourselves or bring kids from an orphanage or other friends to help us!!

We still make a mess and have tons of fun!!
Decorating cookies (or each others faces, not sure which...) with my "new" big sister, who is becoming a Freed for Christmas!!!

I guess there are a few different things about Christmas in Guate...

We never decorated our dog in the states, but we do here!!

There was never a 40 meter, Gallo (beer) Christmas tree in the states, but there is here!

The steakhouses don't usually have huge trees and other decorations in the states, but they do here!!

The companies change their billboards to be more Christmas related, even if they only leave them up for a month!

Finally, our local Starbucks-like coffee shop (& Cafe) changes their coffee cups to be more "Christmas like".  They also have new, short-time drinks that are REALLY good!!!

I'm not sure Christmas in Guate will ever quite feel like Christmas in the states, but then again, what is Christmas supposed to feel like?  If our view of Christmas is centered entirely on the snow, the cold, the trees and the lights, we've got it all wrong.  But, if we can still enjoy all these things and keep our main focus on the amazing gift of Jesus, I think, no matter where you are, Christmas will have a similar feel, no matter what!!!


  1. you forgot the most get to celebrate with your new big sis in guate, and not in the States! buckle up, sis....:)

  2. We'll miss you , but so glad you are happy where you are! Yes, Jesus is the "Reason for the Season". Love you, Grandma