Thursday, November 11, 2010


The heading on the front page of the newspaper yesterday was "ESTA VIVA!" (She's alive!).  At first glance of the cover, all I saw was a whole bunch of doctors and other workers standing around.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that the one doctor is evaluating a tiny baby girl, her umbilical cord still attached and skin color quite pale.  I quickly turned to the story and read about how this little girl was found at a train station in a plastic bag.  Those at the station heard her crying and she was rescued just in time.  The newspaper today then showed little Valentina (as they named her) in the hospital, her skin much less pale and she is as beautiful as ever. 

Cover from yesterday

During the entire time that I was reading this article, the question that kept popping into my mind was HOW?  How in the world could a mother abandon this beautiful baby?  Was it because she knew she wouldn't be able to take care of her?  Was it out of fear for herself and her baby?  Did someone make her leave Valentina somewhere? 

I guess I will never know the answers to these questions, but they only brought up more "how" questions for me...

HOW can people not believe that there is a God when there are so many examples of his handiwork around?  The perfect little hands and toes of a baby.  The beautiful sunsets and sunrises that we get to experience every day.  The fact that many of us are able to walk around and not confined to bed or a wheelchair every day.  How is that not God?

HOW do I stop missing two little ones that I haven't seen in a year?  How do I stop myself from worrying about them and wondering if they are ok?  I don't know if there really is a way to stop myself from doing these things, but I can continue to pray that they're alright and trust that God had them in His hands. 

Finally, I find myself wondering HOW do I show God's love to so many children that have not experienced enough love all their lives?  How do I show them that a big sister really can be a good "thing" and not just a slave driver?  How can I hug them without them wondering when the beating will come?  How can I help them to understand that, no matter what they do, I will still love them and try to help them in whatever way I can?  How?

There will always be the "HOWs" in life, as well as the Why's, When's, What's and Where's, but it is a huge comfort to know that, like the song says, "He's got the whole world in HIS hands" and God will answer all our questions in his due time!


  1. You are gaining much wisdom, Maredith. There will always be questions in life, but our God is sovereign, and he is LOVE. It is safe to rest in that.


  2. it is a struggle to live in the how's and why's... (Isabella) give those kiddos some love from me and know they and you are held in prayer.

  3. HOW nice a posting you write.
    Dennis McCutcheon