Friday, November 5, 2010

Amusement Park

So, yesterday (Thursday), we went with a whole group of kids from Fundaniños to an amusement park here in Guatemala, just outside of the city.  The kids that came ranged from 3 years old to about 16 years, as well as a few workers and the five of us.  Granted, the park wasn't anything like Six Flags or Hershey Park or anything, but it was still fun!

The entrance to the park.
We arrived at the park at about 10:30 and got everyone signed in.  The younger kids got put into groups (well, kinda...) and everyone headed off!  Abby and I kind of followed parts of the group around for some of the morning, rode a few rides and explored the park.  Later in the morning, we hooked up with a bunch of girls from the orphanage and started running (literally running) around with them.  We kept hopping from one ride to another, that's the nice thing with a small park, the lines aren't really that long!! 

Abby's up there somewhere...

"La Torre", awesome ride!!

Eventually we all gathered for lunch and then headed our separate ways again for another few hours.  It was funny to watch the others at the park as we "gringos" interacted with the kids.  There were several times that we were standing in line and the Fundo kids came up to us and started talking.  The others in line kind of looked at us weird, but didn't say anything.  I think the workers also thought we were nuts going around with so many kids, which we probably were!!  Mama stayed with with the peques (toddlers) most of the day, thankfully there were quite a few rides for the younger ones!

Mateo on the Merry go Round
In no time at all, it was time to go back home.  Trying to corral all those kids back to the bus was quite a task, doing final potty breaks before heading home and getting hands washed was a task.  At one point, I had two 3 year olds, a 4 year old and a 5 year old in the bathroom, washing hands and such.  The others in the bathroom were just laughing as I tried to keep those 4 together, but somehow or another we all got out without losing anyone!! 

Angel enjoying the last of his ice cream cone. 
That day was really a lot of fun...  being able to ride some rides, run around and interact with the kids was a bit different, but enjoyable none the less!  We got home around 6 and just about the whole family was in bed by 8:30, we were all exhausted!!  We all enjoyed our time, but I think once is enough for now!!  =)


  1. Sounds like you all had an amazing day! I'm sure the kids will NEVER forget how much fun they had with you!

  2. What a great day!!!! I can see their smiles now !!! Wow!!