Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Journey Begins

As many of you already know, my mom, sisters and I traveled to the USA on Tuesday for me to begin my college journey… yikes!!!  J  Granted, the entire trip isn’t JUST to get me settled into the US before school starts, but that’s the main goal.  So, I figured I’d give an update about how it’s going and all so far!

To start off, travels went really well.  We had no troubles in the airports, no problems with any flights, all of our luggage came in, and we got in on time.  Yay!!  It was a long day, but overall a good one, praise God!  My grandparents picked us up from the airport and we are staying with them for the first few days and then we will be heading to the area that I’ll be living. 

The first day didn’t consist of too much, but a lot at the same time!!  Abby, Risa and I walked to Walmart to get a few things, but we ended up walking around the entire store for an hour or so… there are SO many options!!!!!!  Since that took up most of the morning, we decided to head home and finish our running around in the afternoon.  The afternoon was mostly taken up with getting my car… pity.  ;)  We had everything lined up so that I would be able to get the car pretty much as soon as we got stateside, and, amazingly enough, things worked out pretty much according to plan!!  So, pretty soon I was driving away in a 2002, Silver Chevy Cavalier, who I have lovingly named “Logan.”  J  Today has mostly been more running around and getting “little” stuff done.  Oh, and walking around Weis (grocery store) and Target for an hour+ each… too many options!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan  :)

A little Guatemalan flair to my key ring!

Some of the things that we have enjoyed the most since we’ve been back are the fruits and veggies.  Don’t get me wrong, we get TONS of fruits and veggies in Guate, but they’re different here!!  We’ve been filling up on fresh peaches, fresh blueberries, cherry tomatoes and sweet corn.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss those things until they’re at your disposal again!!!  The heat on the other hand… hadn’t missed that too much!! 
Fresh Tomatoes!

It’s really hard to believe that we haven’t even been here two days yet… it feels like it’s been forever!  The next days/weeks are going to be very busy, but I think they should be fun (and exhausting!) too!  I’ll try to update again as time goes along.  J 

Thanks for all the prayers, support and encouragement!!!!!!  

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  1. So exciting to be in the states again! and don't worry it takes me just as long at those stores and i have no excuse ;) where are you going to be studying??