Sunday, July 8, 2012

When? What? Where? Why??

After I posted my status the other day (One month from today I begin my next big adventure... moving to the states! I don't know whether to get all giddy or to go curl up and cry... maybe I'll do both...), I realized that many of you don’t really know what’s going on, so I figured I should probably give an update!!  So here are all the “Ws”…

When:  August 7th- who knows exactly when?!?  I’m planning to be back in Guate over Christmas and probably summer as well though.

What:  I will be moving to the states to go to college.  I’ll be studying nursing with the potential of going on to get my Nurse Practitioners license. 

Where:  Pennsylvania.  I’ll be living with my aunt and uncle around the same area that we were living before our family moved down here.  I’ll be attending a community college REALLY close to where I’ll be living.

Why:  Although I did look into a bunch of colleges around here (Guate), I decided that now would be a good time to head stateside and be on my own a little bit.  Yes, it will mean a lot of changes, but sometimes change is needed!! 

So there you have it… a very quick update about what’s going on with my future!  I know multiple people have mentioned getting together for coffee, lunch, etc., once I get back, and just know that I would love to!!  I would kind of like to get settled in and adjusted, but I really am hoping to reconnect with a lot of people!!  J 

And, just because, here are a few pictures from life around here (from my phone) lately…  J  

Shrimp heads anyone?  :)

Simply smashing...

Just a little fruit.

Abby and Risa coloring during preschool

Fruit Loop necklaces!



In our backyard

My Sunday school class



July 4th fireworks!

Marshmallow face!!

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