Friday, December 30, 2011

Furlough in Numbers...

0 full days wearing contacts (Stupid infection…)

0 dogs to replace Oso (2 tried!)
Lambert...  my Oso "sub" for a night!  :)

And Ed, my other "sub"  :)

1 Tinkerbell TV show that Abby, Risa and I watched one evening…

2- Number of 500 piece puzzles I finished

2 birthday celebrations (Jesus and me!)

2 school tests (Math placement test and Spanish CLEP test), which I passed!!

3 churches visited on Sunday mornings (CTK, Boyertown Mennonite, Community Mennonite)

3 inches (plus flurries) of snow!!

So pretty!!

4 flights (2 going, 2 coming back)

5 presentations (CTK, Landisville, Boyertown Mennonite, Log Chapel [NY], Morris)

5 guinea hens (and chickens) to scare Risa

6:15- Average time that I woke up, don't worry, I TRIED to sleep in!!

7 states (NY, PA, NJ, FL, TX, VT, MD)

8 different beds/places stayed during the trip

8:00- Latest the ENTIRE family slept in till

10 hours in the airport (4 hours going, 6 hours coming)

10:00 (or later)- Average time to go to bed.  I know that doesn't seem too late, but when you're running all day, it's late enough!!  :)

18 cousins to catch up with (14 on one side, 4 on the other)

Burkhart cousins

Freed cousins!

19 years- Age I became the day before we left J

28 days of use out of my coat (First and last days it was gone!)

30 day trip

100s of hellos

100s of goodbyes

Multiple trips to the mall (No explanation needed…)

1000s of miles traveled (On the ground, NOT in the air!!)

Number of memories made?  More than I can count!! 

We really was a great trip, I think we got done all that we wanted to do, plus some!!  Now we're diving back into Guate life, headfirst!!  But don't worry, it's a good kind of diving.  :)  

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