Monday, July 11, 2011

La Vida Loca!!

I’m not sure how to describe the past few weeks other than “La Vida Loca”.  Yeah, it’s been a little crazy, but fun!! 

We had a team from Texas here this past week, they left this morning.  They were working at Fundaniños, putting up barbed and razor wire around the wall, cleaning up gardens, painting, cleaning, and doing whatever else came up!  Oh, and of course, there were always people playing with kids, playing soccer, or otherwise interacting with all the kids.  One night we did a chicken barbeque with everyone there, which was a big hit!!  I know the kids at the home enjoyed having people around and I’m pretty sure the team had a good time as well!  A lot of work was done as well, which is an added bonus!
Yeah for barbed and razor wire!

Cleaning out the flowerbeds, harder than it looks!!

The 3 musketeers!  

Oswaldo "helping" out!

I got to spend time with this sweet little one!!

Lots of chalk!!

= )

Life is good!

He's a nut!

No, she's not an orphan, but she is cute!!  

With all the rain that we have had recently (over 10 inches already here in July!!), our hummingbirds have been out en mass.  They have become accustomed to having out outside, so we can stand out on the back porch and still have a bunch of hummers flying around.  I have had the opportunity to use some larger lenses lately, so I have enjoyed going out and taking pictures of the hummers!  We have named many of them, so they are now “our” hummers!!  =) 

Indy (Indigo), when the light hits his head right, he's indigo colored.

Gotta love the colors!!

Delilah coming in for a drink!

This coming week brings yet another team.  We are getting back into working on “the wall” again; hopefully the rain will cooperate with us!  There are a few returning members on this team, but the majority of the group are first timers to Guate.  I know I enjoy introducing people to this amazing country that I have come to love and many of the kids that we have gotten to know as well!!  I’m looking forward to another great week!! =)

Oh, and on a side note.  If anyone has seen things about increased violence in Guatemala, please don’t worry.  We are safe in God’s hands and we don’t feel like we are in any more danger than usual!!  Please continue to pray for the protection of the country though…  
Bird of paradise is finally growing, a double none the less!!
 Found this picture on the camera, couldn't resist!!  November 2009...

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